Laure L. Woods

As a life-long philanthropist, Laure established her foundation in 1995 in order to formalize her charitable giving in the areas of education and social services for disadvantaged children. In 2015, she established The LaureL STEM Fund, with a focus on STEM education and medical research.

Laure is a former clinical researcher whose experience includes trials for treatment of cystic fibrosis, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, cancer and infant nutrition. She has held clinical research positions at several California Bay Area companies, including Matrix Pharmaceutical and Genelabs Technologies. Early in her career, Laure founded Woods Consulting, Inc., to advise companies that test the safety and efficacy of medications devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens intended for human use.

As someone struggling with late-stage Lyme disease, Laure co-founded the Bay Area Lyme Foundation, to advance research aimed at making this tick-borne disease easy to diagnose and simple to cure. She currently serves as Board Chair of that organization. Laure also serves on the Board of the L.K. Whittier Foundation, a private foundation supporting medical and technology research. She holds a BS in Animal Science from the University of California at Davis.